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~ Great Gramma's Worthy Words ~

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When there's a mouse in house

and there is no cat,

He'll get the cheese, and that is that.

If he's not careful,

he'll meet his fate,

If you set a trap,

and the cheese is bait.

by Barbara Thrall Hambach
Poem from page 89 -
Great Gramma's Worthy Words

A collection of poems, songs, verses, by Barbara Thrall Hambach
-- Filled with thoughts, impressions, feelings
-- Full of history, family, patriotism

-- Original art work on cover

-- Contains vintage photos
Great Gramma's Worthy Words Mouse Poem Cheese Trap
$49.95 + s/h

~ One More Mouse Corner Sample Poem ~

Mouse Trap Justification

Fuzzy and warm and cute
as can be,
Scurrying about at night so
men can't see,
Little mouse, searching for
cheese or seeds,
To take back to babies
mother mouse feeds.
Unknown to the mouse,
a trap has been set,
Baited with cheese,
it's sure death, you can bet -
So farewell to the mouse
that invaded to house,
It's a lesson to other mice
that may wander in -
Stay clear of people,
for wiping rodents out
To man is a win,
not a sin -  

by Barbara Thrall Hambach
Poem from page 169 - Great Gramma's Worthy Words

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